Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Super Duper!

I went for the music shop today for new CDs..and Woo Hoo..I came back home with Five CDs..almost got Seven, but then I forgot the other couple (I was just being smart..!).
But, and that's a big but, Three of the Five CDs were for a SUPER DUPER New-Age collection. Under a title such as Mystera, I couldn't resist getting the Three CDs for my own sake!
The thing is..why make the collection over Three CDs while all the tracks can be tucked in the same CD,just MP3s. Oh..yea, you're right. Sorry, My bad. Business is business. As long as they can get extra bucks, then why not?!
"Stealing things legally is better than stealing them illegally, and getting mugged willingly is better than getting mugged unwillingly!"


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