Friday, August 27, 2004

Dubya's miscalculation: 2+2=5...

Have you heard? Earth is round...and Vietnam veterans are headstrong against John Kerry.
Have you heard? Iraq happened to be a swamp, and the "Cosmic Idiot" was down to the knees in it but then he trapped and fell on his face!
Have you heard? Dubya's had a "Godly, Heavenly" hour that got him to quit alcohol somewhat blah blah years ago...!
Oh, juicy stuff. On the official Kerry-Edwards blog, you'll find it on google search, there's a little thing that had ALL my attention, check it out:
"The Bush-Cheney campaign is running one of the most negative and misleading campaigns ever. They don't know how to attack the problems that working people face, so they attack John Kerry and John Edwards."
Sounds like a campaign, huh? And the interesting thing is that Bushie's campaign sites say the same "You Suck" things about Kerry and Edwards. Well, isn't that fun?
My favorite blog in the entire archive is the one that has Kerry "suckin' Dubya's Blood" about Dubya's addmition for the "Miscalculation" in Iraq. Well, This is where I stand..miscalculation here is 2+2=5.
I don't believe in that sudden "Godly, Heavenly..blah blah" hour when Dubya decided to quit alcohol, and I'm pretty much with the Vietnam veterans (Kinky behavior pays as well, just the other way around..), and I'm not an american, so I don't give a nickel if Bush or Kerry win the elections...not as long as I can see Edwards on the CNN...Gotta admit it, HE'S HANDSOME!